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Bobby Matthews

Transportation Specialist

Bobby Matthews joins our team as a transportation specialist. Bobby always has a smile on his face and while in training has been commended for his friendly demeanor and humorous attitude. He is an avid lover of baseball amongst other sports. We're excited to have him as a valued member of our team. Welcome to Adirondack Assist, LLC Bobby!

Linda Dickinson

Billing Specialist

Linda Dickinson joins our team as a billing specialist. With over 30 years in the medical billing field, she will be an asset to make sure your bills are issued in a timely and correct manner. Relentless is one word we associate with Linda, which definitely helps when working with insurance agencies like Medicaid, VNA and Fidelis. Always thirsty for knowledge and not scared to ask questions, we're excited to have Linda as a valued member of our team. Welcome to Adirondack Assist, LLC Linda!

Our people make the difference.

Joining our team is like joining a family. The Executives at Adirondack Assist are firm believers that a positive working environment is the key to success. We provide our team with the security they desire, while allowing them the creativity in their roles to be the best they can be. With an amazing incentive plan in place, we take care of ours so that they can take care of yours!

Our Crew

Our Crew has been carefully selected to provide the clients with one of the safest and on time transportations available.  Each of our driver's has the necessary certifications to properly transport you from A to B.  At Adirondack Assist, we have a rule, "Clients first".  By providing our team with the most up to date technology and equipment, it allows our drivers to focus on keeping the clients first and foremost.

Our Crew

Mike Spear

Transportation Specialist

Mike Spear joins our team as a transportation specialist. Mike has been working for us since the spring and he is one of the most humble people we have on our team. He takes pride in taking care of clients and getting them where they need to go in a safe and timely manner. Riding with Mike is like a peaceful tour through the Adirondacks where you can take in the great views and enjoy the tranquility that we have all learned to call home. Welcome to Adirondack Assist, LLC Mike!

Mark Christian

Transportation Specialist

Mark Christian joins our team as a transportation specialist.  Mark is a very loyal and punctual person, not to mention his compassion towards others is second to none.  His strength is making people feel comfortable, secure and safe, which lines up perfectly with our companies core values. Welcome to Adirondack Assist, LLC Mark!

Christopher Gillen


Christopher Gillen joins our team as a dispatcher.  Chris is the most respectful person we know.  Always saying Sir, and Ma'am, his respectful demeanor instantly makes people feel calm.  With his keen sense of technology, he is able to trouble shoot any potential system flaws to make sure that our transportation specialists get you where you need to go safely and on time.  Welcome to Adirondack Assist, LLC Chris!

John Gillen

Chief Operating Officer

John Gillen, one of the co-founders of Adirondack Assist, LLC, truly believes that the clients comes first. His intention when starting this company was to provide a better and quicker service to the community. Safety, one of our values, was his number one priority. For you anxious riders, John will put you at ease, his calm demeanor makes you feel at home while your away from home!

Amy Christian

Chief Executive Officer

Amy Christian, one of the co-founders of Adirondack Assist, LLC, puts her heart and soul into every endeavor. After seeing the world she decided there is just no better place than home. The Adirondacks and the people who live in them are her family and friends. Smart, Nurturing and driven, she has set forth to help alleviate the need in the community and provide an established organization that will see to the transportation needs of Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties. Let Amy help make sure your community has the transportation they can trust!

Tom Gillen

Transportation Specialist

Tom Gillen will be joins our team as a transportation specialist. Tom is a very driven (no pun intended) individual who holds our values to the highest degree. Tom's integrity is second to none and with his heart on his sleeve, you know he will put your safety first and foremost. Welcome to Adirondack Assist, LLC Tom!


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